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The Best Things about Living in Burlington, Vermont

for rent signAre you a student looking for a great university to study in? Are you an entrepreneur searching for a perfect location for your next office? Or are you a young professional looking for work and planning to settle down soon?

Whatever your aim, you can certainly find Vermont a suitable place to live. All you need to do is look for the right apartments in Burlington, Vermont to live to enjoy the following perks of being in this city:

  • The safety and healthcare quality ratings are high.
    Vermont has its fair share of accolades when it comes to standards of quality life. Wallethub names the State as the number 1 safest place in the US in 2018. In that same year (2018), CNBC also named Vermont as the number one best state to live in the US. With these statistics, rest assured that you can easily find good real estate rentals in Vermont.
  • The education levels and school quality is high.
    Did you know that 51% of the state’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher? This makes Vermont one of the homes of the country’s most dynamic, talented, and educated workforce. Studying at Vermont also gives you the opportunity to listen to some of the country’s best professors. Students also prefer comfy accommodations to live, such as an apartment near UVMMC (University of Vermont Medical Center) or other universities.
  • There’s a wealth of travel destinations to visit.
    The best thing is you’ll never get bored and lonely here. Vermont is the home of some of the country’s well-loved travel attractions, such as Lake Champlain, Stowe, Shelburne Museum, and the Church Street Marketplace. The trick is to find Burlington VT apartments that are easily accessible for ease and convenience of daily travel.

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