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Parks You Might like to Visit in Burlington, VT

nice housesBooming commerce and world-class education aside, Burlington, Vermont is also blessed with natural wonders that attract tourists from all around the world. This is the reason apartments in Burlington, Vermont abound in different areas of the city and suburbs, giving visitors a wealth of options on where to live. Whether you’re here for vacation or long-term stay, don’t miss to visit the following parks to enjoy nature and relax.

  • Leddy Park
    If you looking forward to enjoying a good view of the famous Lake Chaplain, Leddy Park is the place to go. This site affords you a hidden spot to watch the lake, as well as the surrounding mountains. If you’re looking for more activities, ice rink yards are also available.
  • Red Rocks Park
    If taking a nature walk is your thing, be sure to visit Red Rocks Park. This site has well-maintained walking trails that wind through a mix of hilly and flat forest terrain. These trails lead to the cliffs where you can get a panoramic view of Lake Chaplain. Don’t worry about transportation. You can easily find public or private transport from the park to your Burlington VT apartments.
  • Overlook Park
    Overlook Park gives you an ample walking and biking path. This is a perfect place to unwind during the weekend, especially if you’ve opted to rent an apartment near UVM (University of Vermont) that’s near the park. You can also drop by the UVM farm where you can find stone sculptures. If you follow the trail further up, you can get a lovely view of NY’s Adirondack Mountains.

At these parks, you can enjoy the healing vibe of nature. If you’re planning to stay here for a little bit longer, contact experts from Mark William Properties for guidance on real estate rentals in Vermont.

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