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Renting an Apartment in Burlington, VT? Be Aware of These Hidden Fees

a client and an agent having a discussionAs Vermont’s most populous and progressive city, Burlington receives thousands of tourists annually. If you’re planning to visit here, one of the things you need to plan carefully is your accommodation. It’s easy to fall into the trap of paying too much for an apartment. But it’s also easy to find affordable apartments in Burlington, Vermont, despite it being a big city.

  • Storage and Garage Rental
    Look at the fine print of your contract. Find real estate rentals in Vermont that do not include rental for garage and storage in its package cost. Especially if you’re not planning to purchase a car, paying for a garage could be too much. It’s also good to be a minimalist when you travel to avoid storage fees.
  • Pet and Security Deposits
    Many landlords consider pets as additional liability. So if you plan to tag along your furry friends, be ready to pay extra for the deposit. When renting Burlington VT apartments, you might also be required you to pay for a security deposit for emergencies (e.g., flood, fire).
  • Internet and Utilities
    Lastly, look at the contract and see if the utilities, laundry, and internet are included or not. If you can, feel free to secure these on your own at a lower cost.

Living in Burlington, VT could give you countless of travel and other opportunities. Just look into the factors above to find the perfect place to rent. If you need more guidance, experts at Mark William Properties might be of help. The company has been connecting renters and landlords in the city for a long time and have received positive feedback from both parties.

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