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Getting Started with Your Off-Campus Housing Budget

apartmentsIf you’re a student who couldn’t stand another semester living in your college dormitory, you might want to find your place off-campus. There are so many things that you need to consider in finding off-campus apartments in Burlington, Vermont.

But before looking for an apartment, you must first think about your financial capabilities or in other words: budgeting skills. You must learn from early on how to budget and as it could help you land the perfect apartment.

Here are some points to consider when budgeting:

  • Choose a Location
    Busier areas and communities tend to have higher rental costs than small, quiet ones. There are many apartment near UVM (University of Vermont) within the communities that suit your preferences and cater to your interests.
  • List Your Utilities
    Make sure that all of your utilities are accounted for and clarify with your landlord who pays for those.
  • Save Enough
    Enough savings for upfront payments and post-moving in expenses. Expect that before you can move in, you would shell out a significant amount of money for your application fee, security deposit, or broker’s fee. You would also have to set aside enough budget for your furniture and other basic household items.

At Mark William Properties, we can help find the perfect Burlington VT apartments for you. We provide property management solutions, facilitate smooth transactions in leasing and renting processes, and even after-sales customer service.

Let us know your housing needs and ask us about other real estate rentals in Vermont. Call us at 802-793-7608 today!

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